Friday, September 15, 2017

September 15

Many familiar faces (and some new ones too) join us for one last Summer hurrah! 

Charles makes an appearance in the catio.

Francis just arrived this afternoon and he's ready and raring to go!

Ian is a big fan of his condo.  

Lili is carrier camping on her vacation.  

Oz is really starting to warm up to the place!  

Wayne is such a pretty boy!

Jazmin and Rajah are never far apart.  


Buddha baby!

Esme is a luxurious lounger.  

How'd ya get to be so sweet, Ian?

Lennox the Magnificent!  

Mezzy can't wait to go out in the catio every morning.

Simon is an all-star guest.

What a happy camper.

Mavis is a friendly one.  

Shinhau is a hoot!  

Candy cakes!

Grant has been exploring all over the place today.  

Glamorous Mezzy!


Taiko is just a sweetie pie.  

Marianna is making her rounds and patrolling the perimeter.  

Komo and Parrot are a precocious duo.  

And a nice guys too!  

Sweetest little Quorra.

Olive is queen of her condo. 

Myrtle is back!

Ollie likes a spot that is nice and high.

Braveheart rolls for loves.

Winston goes straight for the heated pads, even in the summer.


Bright-eyed Minka!

Make it a great day!

Your blog host,


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