Monday, September 4, 2017

Sept 4th

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Happy Labor Day 
All My Kitties!

Jasmine looking royally adorable

Flora gives us a lil wink 
Who found this cozy spot?

Leo! Sacked out in the sun

So sad to have to say goodbye to Raffy today. Come back soon!

Tony and Raj getting to know eachother

Teensy kitten Io!

Taylor looking for butt scratches

Lovely Louie

Sweet Kiki

Aussie looks awesome in sunset colors

Io is the most precious little thing!


Sorry about the flash Stella!

Thats better!

Blueberry is always close by

Such a handsome face on Mack!

Blueberry face!
Braveheart and Blueberry making friends!

Most kitties don't play together, but these guys are having a blast!

Handsome Finley!

Coraline finally free from the cone

Pudge doesn't like flash either :(


Whadja got?

Don't steal the camera!

Xinhao loves the catio

Eliza's lion cut keeps her cool in the catio

Aww Penny!
Such an adorable goofball

Scout! O_O

Moose is SO photogenic when he stops moving!

Petunia is so classy

Candy booty!

Riga feels right at home

Jinghao has something to say
"I like it here!"

A Portrait of Simon Grey

Grant is really loving the cabins

Beautiful Braveheart

Marianna looks SO cozy in there

Riley came out for some chin rubs

Elegant Nox

Thats an interesting way to sleep Oyster

We weren't judging you!

Igor setting in for a nap

Arrow prefers to share Kiki's condo

Thanks for checking us out! If you don't see your kitty feel free to email us for more pics.

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