Monday, February 12, 2018

February 12th

What a Beautiful Monday
At All My Kitties!

Lily takes in the view

Gotta get that lakeside panorama!

Phil Collins is always chill

Always know where to find Bags!
I think you got something on your face there!

Fermi & Newton warmed right up in the office!
Even found a creative nap spot...

Jackson in his hole


Can you guess where Elijah loves to nap?

Love those jade eyes

Coco is nicely sharing with Lupe

Well maybe just tolerating...hehe

Welcome Sky!

Aww Maggie did Sky kick you out of your bed?

Cool Paw Luke

Obee, a new sphynx in the AMK family! We love Sphinxes!


Figaro getting some vitamin D

"Am I doing this right?"
Taiko gives Lupe some cat training

"I just do the roll and then I get the pets?"
Ellie lives for the sunshine

There you are Newton!

You have a very nice nose there
Taiko loves the sunshine as well
Welcome Apple!

Well hey there little Jake!

And miss Cleo!

These guys are best friends!
Jake & Cleo say "bye bye for now!"

 Thanks for checking us out!

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