Saturday, February 24, 2018

February 24th


Fermi and Newton get some fresh air.  

Mona is quite the looker!

Sweetest Riley!

Louie loves to lounge.  

Great to see you again, Louis!

Chucco exudes confidence.  

Little Lupe!

Doesn't Lily have the pretty eyes?  

Chairman Meow is a snuggle bug!  

So sweet!  


Tomcat has really warmed up to the place! 

Izzy is a delicate flower.  



Charming Newton.

Cassini is all eyes.  

Sammy is just the nicest guy!  

Nimbus should really become a full-time cat model.  

Cougar has a new favorite spot by the window.  

Rocky was built for the outdoors.  

Adventurous Mavis.  

Bazbeaux loves the catio!  

Shepard just arrived for the first time and she's already exploring the catio.  

Narty likes to party!!!

Welcome newcomers, Fern and Leo!

Lovely Mezzy, always so demure.  

Mavis is a perfect 10.  


Delightful Skylar.

Mavis rules!

Scout knows how to have a good time.  

Inquisitive Moose.  


Watching to world go by out the window...

Sparkling Bags.  

We've got a stowaway in the closet.  Is that Fermi? 

Percy is perfection!

Kodiak waves TTFN.

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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