Sunday, February 4, 2018

February 4th

Happy Game Day!

Image result for superbowl kitties
These kitties are ready to play!

Iden has the best seat in the house

Sweetest little girls, Yuki & Hana

Boots is the King of Cool

Big eyes for Oliver

Nina coordinates so well with her bedding this week

Bags is dreaming of home

Elijah is ready for his close-up

Welcome back Pico! Its been too long! 
Whose curled feetsies did I find?

Lupe is very curious about this silly fellow

Hera says "whats all this racket in my condo?"
Lupe checks out Hera's bed 
Right back to shenanigans!


Pancake watches the shenanigans from a safe distance
Double decker bath time for Eru & Taiko!

These lovely brothers are still waiting for their forever home! Can you believe it? Help us find their new home in 2018!

Candy girl is always the Queen of the Catio when she visits

Lupe says Ta-ta for now!

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