Monday, February 19, 2018

February 19th

Skyler takes in the view

Juno face!

Puck & Naarty getting along swell


Lil worryface Riley

Tomcat has the best scratcher

Sweet Butterscotch

Percy toes! 
Zoe is up to something...

Meow loves it up high

Manny toe beans! 
Skyler found his new favorite spot


Catio adventures for Lily

When she shakes her head, Mavis becomes something else! 
Shaking that booty at me

Well hello to you too Puck!

High 5's for Rocky!

Newton says "SPEAK UP!" 
Another head pop from Juno
Enchanting Ella

Bunk bed kitties Fermi & Newton

Almost nap time for Meow

Costello always comes out for cuddles

Manny being a good host to Riley

Eliza so majestic

Butter conked out!

Fermi's curled feetsies

Percy in the drawer!

If only this were a 2-cat condo, Newton loves it!

Naarty blep 
Puck almost blends in

Such a handsome boy Bailey-Bob

Lily lives for the outdoors

Cougar basking in the sun

Sorry you have to leave today lil Louie!

Rocky makes the cutest kitty-ball

Pancho kitty boy!

Naarty full of wonder

Whos dis?


Ella so pretty!

I wonder if Brody knows he takes the best photos in the bookcase

Elijah in the shadows 
Bags sit still so I can get a clear pic!

Sweetest boy Sam

My dates all dressed in their tuxes! Love them!

Thanks for checking us out! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,

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