Saturday, February 17, 2018

February 17th


Happy Caturday!

Butterscotch is back!

Meow and Manny hangin out

Puma lookin cozy

Wise Costello

Popo naps in the sun 
Fermi & Newton are two peas in a pod

"All this is mine" - Tomcat

Beautious Zoe!

Tucked in Eliza 
Lily the office assistant

The gangs all here!



Sweet Sam

The purrs never stop


Coco getting all excited for pets

Blaire the love kitty

Newton sits like a people!

Magnificent Mavis

Maggie girl

Juno helps me with the water jug

Figaro does the roll too!

Clovis cutie

Naarty steppin out

The Dread Pirate Puck!

A rare still moment for Louie


Such lovely teefies you have BaileyBob!

Ella in wonder

Rocky found the best catio bed

Beautiful Brody

Newton does his best impression of a pretzel

Eru looking for head scratches

Cassini says "ok back to nap time"

Thanks for checking us out! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,

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