Monday, February 26, 2018

February 26th


Mona the office queen

Tomcat remembers his last condo well

Welcome Newcomers Andy & Niko!

Mona checks out the new toy in the room 
Newton all tucked in

Louie is right at home

Welcome Newcomer Bella!

...and her brother Geno!

They are settling in so well!

Sorry you have to leave today Meow
Fermi takes a turn with the toy,,,
Aaaaaand  now its a bed!

Elijah snuggled down

"Whos this new guy?" - Bags
Buddy is here! 

Bags thinks he'll let Buddy warm up before he says hi
Mavis is so precious when she sleeps

Izzy lookin so presh
I heard a LOUD rumbly purr coming from this basket...

Lupe all sacked out after a morning of hard play!

Hey Chucco sweetie!

Welcome lil Pepper!

Welcome back Leeloo as well! Its been too long!

Fern & Leo are the snuggliest little kitties!

Hello Kitty is a good look for you Coug!

Scout enjoying the gorgeous weather

Mezzie loving the view

Narty boy!

Baz is all chill today

Skyler lives for the outdoors - as long as he's got his heated pad!

Otis! Welcome back buddy!

Chucco joins us in the catio 
Roly Poly Newton!

Peekaboo Cassini!

Narty and Baz hanging out (photobomb by Scout!)

Aww Cougar you are so handsome!

Sorry to disturb you Shepard! I'll put the lid back on your cabin

Scout says "hey girl heeeeey!"

Mona says "ta-ta for now!"

Thanks for checking us out! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host(s),

Angela (& Mona)

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