Monday, May 14, 2018

May 14th

Lucky Us!

Its a Black Cat Party
At All My Kitties

Mr. T & Blaire

Welcome Louisa! 
Goodbye little baby Jasper! We will miss you!

Jackson comforts Tormund on his first day at AMK

Gentleman Bags
Sharing his spot with Smudge

Elijah doesn't know what to think with all these kittens around here!

Louisa is right at home in the window

Kitkat gets SO excited for pets

So lovely!

Blaire Bear

Corbyn likes to spend his mornings after breakfast in the catio, and returns to his fancy condo for his afternoon nap

Raleigh comes down to earth to hang

And make new friends!

Fluffy found the best perch
Welcome Loki & Luna!

So curious

Raleigh gets flatter as the day grows warmer

You get it Mr. T!

New heights for Dipper!
(Mabel is tucked away napping where the camera can't reach!)

Purr-C is melting!

Loki already loves the catio

Blaire makes the best faces

And makes friends with Mac!

Little mlem from Little Cat

She's glowing!

Mac you are just stunning
Get a look at that coat! 
His sister Octaine is just as gorgeous
Like a baby leopard!

Mr. T found the catnip banana!

Luke like water

Luna is the cutest loon 
Welcome Pumpkin!

Brave Carlotta explores the catio

Mac is always trying to make friends
What a greeting huh? 
Cutie finds some warm shade to melt into

Look at your nose freckles coming out!

Sweetest Corbyn

Thanks for tuning in! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host,

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