Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25th

Kitties are kicking off Memorial Day Weekend with lots of enthusiasm!

Tommy knows how to have a good time.

This family of cats is always hanging out together!

Beautiful Bowie.

George likes his condo!

Loki is up to funny business.  




Lovely Chloe.

Magnificent Petunia.  

Candy is a cutie!


Darling Mabel.  

Mochi just arrived for her very first visit.  

Punpkin can't resist coming out of her basket to say hello.  

George and Candy.  

Eli is on a field trip to the downstairs.  

What are you talking about, Scout??

Day-dreaming Maska.  

Noble Rainy.  

Rufina just got dropped off and I don't think she is ready for her close-up quite yet.  

Welcome back, Zoe!  

This is Roscoe's condo and don't you forget it!


Luna is everywhere today.  

Sunny days for Petunia.  


Contemplative Otis.  



Decorous Cutie.  

Frankie is a real sweetie!  

I like your digs, Bowie!  

Manny is always on his best behavior.  

Yuki and Hana are regulars around here.

Luke is one cool kitty.  

Dignified KitKat.  


Civilized Ollie.  

Smudge loves to be in high-up places.  

Good to see you again, Minka!  

Tycho's favorite spot is behind the computer.  

Jyn is a petite sweetie.  

Stately Leo.  

Hope we didn't miss anyone! 

Your blog host,


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