Wednesday, May 2, 2018

May 2nd


Indie loves to chase her tail, but what will happen if she catches it?

Lovely Ike.  

Mika can't get enough warm fluffy towels.  

Baby appreciates a nice pet on the face!  

Did we wake you from your cat nap, Louis?

Ike is a real lover. 

Moose tends to hang out by the front entrance, so that he can say hello to everyone coming through.  

You're doing a great job, Moose!  Keep at your post!

Elijah is on a field trip to the catio this afternoon.  


I just want to pet your tummy, Cougar!  

Such a handsome boy!  

We are digging Indie's bengal coloring in a darker palette.  

Otis is a friendly guy!

Parrot springs to attention when the camera comes out.  

You guys are the best, and you are better together!  

Candy welcomes you to her condo.  

Indie is a joy!  

Cutie couldn't get any cuter!

What a darling!  

Welcome, Finn!  You're a pretty little girl!

Frankie says relax!

Have a great day!

Your blog host, 


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