Friday, May 4, 2018

May 4th

Good morning, Indy!  

Komo can't wait to meet the customers today. 

He's just a friendly guy.  

Parrot is a pretty boy!  

Is that Candy up there?

Ponderous Cutie.  

Hello again, Komo!

Floppy, flirtatious Cougar.  

Cutie is king of the catio.  

You're going home today, Frankie!  

Amazing Indy.   

Mika shows off her tum tum.  

At it again, Cougar?

Fabulous Mika.  

Candy cools off in the shade.  


You're the cutest!  

Indy explores every square inch of the cattery.  

Otis aims to please.  

Bags and Elijah!  

Elijah enjoys the catio when the weather is nice.  

Louie, darling!  

Welcome back, Apollo!  

Look at dat BABY face!  

Cutie is having a great day and he hopes that you have one too!

Your blog host,


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