Sunday, May 27, 2018

May 27th

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

From All My Kitties

Tycho is living his best life

Smudge is on top of the world!

Sleepy little Hana

Miss Minka Floofy Toes

Kitkat loves the sun

Clovis is so cute

Yuki steppin out!

Luke is an awesome seat warmer

Manny is all chill

Leo scored the spot everyone wants

Here's Bowie!

He's such a sweet goofball

Roscoe wonders what in the world Bowie is doing up there

Myrtle is ready to party!

Love that sweet face of hers

Aww sweetest Zo-zo (Zoe)

Candy girl!

Scout takes a selfie

Scout is melting!

Luna my shadow

Panqueque loves playing with Tommy & Loki

Such a lovely coat!

Candy patiently waits for some temptations

Arya Stark just arrived and is already loving it

Loki nose!

Cutie always comes out when the suns out

Sweetest Mabel

Frankie D is right at home

Janeway rolls for pets

Inquisitive Luna

Luke gets his sunshine fix

Loki found the fresh catnip we picked
straight from Marie's garden

Get it!!

Rocky is just tickled

Too much catnip!

Cutie face


Loving life

Roscoe contemplates joining the catnip party

Petunia "Toons" is excited

Just a tongue blep from Korra

Data lookin super cute 
Archer stole my spot!

Dipper is an adventurous guy

Catnip for Toons!

Even Elijah has the last chair in the cattery to himself

Couldn't resist Rufina's silly pose


Jyn in the sky lounge

Leo did you know you got a new family member waiting at home for you?

Penny is so precious

Fiona is pleased

Rainy is getting very very sleepy...
I wonder if Luke knows how much I love black cats

Thanks for checking us out! Feel free to email for more pics of your fur babies!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Luke)

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