Sunday, May 20, 2018

May 20th

It's a Party
At All My Kitties!
Freyja our resident Snow Leopard

Louisa has an assorted group of toe beans


Oliver is my kind of guy

Venus is a true beauty

Whats that Kit Kat?

Bags dreaming of home 

Prince William could care less about his brother's wedding

Elijah has licorice jelly bean toes 


Bowie dreams of the "Golden Years"

Scout curiously watches all the kittens play

Baby Luna!

Chloe you are getting very...very...sleepy

Fluffy waits for a passing hand of affection
"Are you done cleaning my condo yet?" - Luke

Dipper is such a doll

Mabel is as quiet as a mouse

Pumpkin I love your beautiful fan tail!

Pumpkin and Luna go tree climbing together

Loki loves all the love

Loki & Luna are a precious duo

Mezzy says "is that bouncy kitten gone yet?"

I just love Ian's mustache

Rocky's favorite perch!

Baby Luna is such a flirt

Petunia always poses the best for me
So dignified!

Oops! Looks like I spilled some Otis in this basket

Purr-C is never far from me

Baz is all chill today

Little Cat cozies up

Misu watches the birds fly by

Mika is magnificent!

Sorry to startle you Maska! 

Cutie as content as can be

Welcome Tommy!

Jyn all nice and cozy!
Smokey loves a good tent

Smudge says "thanks for watching!" 

Your Blog Host,

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