Sunday, June 10, 2018

June 10th

Lots of new faces at All My Kitties today!

Bobby is excited to be back!

Hello up there, Elviehank!

Angelic Rex.

Nina Simone finds some interesting places to explore.  

Bitty Kitty is a sweetie (she's sitting on my lap helping write this blog!)

Welcome back, Sherman!

Rufina is queen of all that she surveys!

Wilson just arrived for her first visit.  

Helo longs for someone to pet his tum tum...

Sebastian is a friendly guy!  

Rosie checks out the catio.  



Helo likes to get about.  

Frankie has a favorite spot in the catio.   


Such a pretty girl.  

Fantastic Frankie!  

This is Loki's first visit and he's starting to warm up tot he place.  

Playful Bobby.  



Splendid Boink.  

Fun-loving Myrtle.  

Beau keeps his tuxedo fastidiously clean.  

That Boomer sure is a cutie.  

Bobby says, "Have a great day!"

Your blog host,


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