Monday, June 25, 2018

June 25th


Cougar mlem

Loki is the prettiest boy

Hugo is just hangin out

Sleepy Boo-boo kitty

Phil Collins can feel it in the air...

Butterscotch Baby!

Juno must love this wall so much because it matches her eyes

Bear is my kinda guy

Ms. Cat is right at home

Just like Lopo! 
The gangs all here!

Curious Fresca

Bobby & Panqueque are never far apart
These two are best friends!
Sometimes playtime gets a little wild...

Washi was so nice to share her condo with Rocky

"Pleeeeease pet me!"

Whose floofy butt is this? 
Simon didn't feel like modeling for me today - but he was happy to get some snuggles!

Oh Panchy - sorry about the flash!

Milo rolls for pets!

Fresca can't get enough of the catio!

We always know where to find Frank

And Coug!

Cammy keeps her eye on things around the cattery

Biiiiiig yawns for Skyler 
Back to his favorite spot in the bookcase

Welcome Pepper!

Pancho takes a stroll

Sweetie man Milo

Alder always at my feet


Loki loves to watch the workers building the deck

Nixie on top of the world! Hugo is happy to have a cozy spot
Papa came to visit Mona and Beau!

Beau checks to make sure its safe before exploring 

Two peas in a pod

Thanks for tuning in!

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