Monday, June 18, 2018

June 18th

We broke out the air conditioning today and the kitties are chill and loving it.



Excuse me Butterscotch


 Such a sweet girl

Tubby Kitty

Bitty Kitty

I've got a secret says Wilson to Sherman

 Wilson is a darling


What a handsome face!


What glamorous claws I have.

Millie flaked out in the catio.  

 Cougar enjoying the catio as always.

I knew I bought this printer for a reason.

Only so Candy could use the box as her new house.

Juno kitty is almost fully charged!


Welcome back Milo!

Alder is right at home

Beau has the cutest toe beans

Its been too long Nixie! Welcome back!

Simon is King

Sorry about that camera flash Maxi!

Handsome Bear 
Those eyes just get me every time

Well hello Cat! Welcome!

"Till next time!"

Your blog host - Marie

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