Friday, June 8, 2018

June 8th

Its been a quiet week
at All My Kitties

Rosie has my heart
Myrtle's got her eye on something

She's gonna make a jump for it!
Beau is the dad of the cattery, he keeps everyone in line!

Nina muffin

Welcome back Frankie D!

Bigs eyes for ElvieHank on his very first day!
Welcome buddy!

We've gotten so much Frankie O. love this month!  
Leo was the only kitty left in the office!

I saw your face in that shoe, Rufina

Boomer flips for catnip!

Sebastian is the sweetest 
He smells that fresh catnip in the air!

Get it Leo! 
The fresher the better

Boomer baby!

Good boy Charles! You finished your breakfast!

Rufina shoots....

...and she scores!
Nina all snuggled in


Welcome newcomers Rex and Nina Simone!

And welcome to Bitty Kitty!

Helo is nice enough to share his spot with Tubby Kitty 
"Hey you kids! Get off my lawn!"
- Beau

Rosie has the zoomies!

Boink says "bye bye for now!"

Thanks for tuning in! Feel free to email for more pics of your fur babies!

Your Blog Host,

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