Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 14th

Hanging out
With All My Kitties!

Bobby always has the blast when he visits

Clovis, who are you hiding from? 
Not Leo - he's such a sweet guy!

Loki tries out all the beds

Ben looks so cozy 
Handsome Beau

Welcome Maxi!

And welcome Alder!
Myrtle turtle

Welcome back Geno!

Sherman is getting ready for a nap

Maizey made friends quickly! So nice of her to share with Helo

Helo doesn't mind sharing the bookcase with friends

Little Wilson looks like she's gearing up for a nap too 
Princess Candy!

Looks like Hyra is still getting settled

Just a quick rest before lift off

The friendliest guy in the whole cattery!

We're so happy we get to see Millie so often

Beau gets photobombed by someone's whiskers!
I wonder who it could be...
Boomer! Always by my side and ready to restyle my hair 
Misu the love kitten

Brutus has SO much to say today

Welcome back Bella!! 
Maizey is a chill lady

Myrtle always looks like she's have her senior portrait taken 
Rufina always looks SO comfortable

Another bed for Loki-locks?

The dynamic duo are back!
Jasper the kitten and his partner in crime, Jackson!

Well Hello Ben!

Tubby kitty gets settled for a siesta
While Bitty Kitty helps with the blog!

Thanks for checking us out! Feel free to email for more pics of your fur babies!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Bitty Kitty)

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