Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 2nd

Happy Caturday!

Little Olive!

Cozy Wendy

Fifa loves her personal bed from home

Hana all tucked in

Fifa struts her stuff

Jade looks rather comfy!

Middie takes a break from sun bathing 
Greyson was that you who spilled the litter?

Was it Leo?

Yuki would never dream of knocking over the litter

Mimi just woke up from her nap
What a handsome guy you are Greyson!

Elijah is such a snuggle baby

Boink made herself a bed on the floor

Luna forgot how to cat

Pink looks so good on you Mabel!

Tuckered out, Dip?

Tana sure is

But first, lemme take a selfie!

Scout shows us her secret...

Arya hardly stops moving

And neither does Loki!
(bonus Luna photo-bomb)

Mochi is the sweetest dude!

Loki on the prowl

Mochi lookin for love

Sweetest Kashi
Otis, I love your face!

Welcome Helo & Boomer!


We're gonna miss Pumpkin when she goes home tomorrow

Where's Nina?

Well hello Nina!

Q-Tip was visits Pudge to keep him company

Always know where to find Pudge

Rufina is starting to love the catio
Simba baby!

Hey there little Matcha

Rosie gets SO excited for attention
Stoic Leo

Otis is zonked after his dust romp

We just love Arya's mustache

Little Luna is growing so fast!

Middie gets some vitamin D

Siesta time for Q-Tip


Simba is a happy camper
Kashi Kitty!

Dipper shows me a proper "cat/cow" pose

We hate to see you leave but we love to watch you go, Scout

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,

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