Tuesday, September 11, 2018

September 11th

Not All Heros Wear Capes
(not a kitty, but still a VERY good girl with a very important job)

 Blueberry is very proud of her post-brushy "blueberry"

Zip wakes up to say hello!

Yuki always comes out for chin rubs

Pink has made an excellent secretary

Q-Tip can't get enough of the window boxes

Hana does the "roll" for some attention

Korra takes in the view for herself 

Looks like Oyster is camera shy today 

Brave Lily ventures out of her condo!

Ollie always by my side

Kashi is so handsome!


Jean Gray shows us how she loves to be pet

Kitty Smalls just hanging out!

Tana always has so much to say

Mezzy enjoys a sun break

Data loves to explore

Millie says "this is MY water bowl!"

Kitty Smalls in a big big world

Cozy Frankie

Candy the catio girl

Padstow is a tough dude

Lamar sharpens his murder mittens

Frankie does NOT like the sound of the staple gun!
Lopo just loves to gaze at the garden all day

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Such snuggly babies, Cecil & Skipper

George is ready for action!

Data contemplates his next move

Sweet boy Ollie says "thanks for tuning in!"

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Angela & Devon

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