Monday, September 3, 2018

September 3rd

Happy Labor Day!

Loki enjoys the beautiful day

Jean is warming the room right up with her sweet nature

Kitty Smalls in a big world 

Ollie has been following me around all day!

Simon is a big fan of the box fort

Misu takes a sunbathing break to say hello

Penny is just SOOO photogenic!

Frank loves to camp in his cabin 
Padstow is the strong silent type

Roscoe what do you see??

Its like looking in a mirror with Drake!

Drake tries to lure Roscoe out to play

Sleepy Beans
I caught a wild Braveheart!

Apollo's got a booty!

Washi says hello to Ben

Curious little baby 
Bourbon loves to lounge

Little Tink is the happiest girl around

Drake is never far from me
We hardly ever see Padstow in his condo!

Pink checks out the catio action

Penny is always in the catio

Miss Misu Floofy Girl

Oliver just can't get enough attention

Such a love! 
Those eyes!

Frankie comes down for some brushy brushy

Such a smug look from Ollie

Jean Grey is right at home

Newton just "hangs" out!

We always know where to find Kuro 

Aussie thought that this seemed like a good place to hang out
Come on out of there silly girl!

Raffy & Smokey get along grandly!

Bayley baby girl!


We're gonna miss Alice & Owl - such sweet kitties!

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