Sunday, September 9, 2018

Septemeber 9th

We're kicking off for fall
at All My Kitties!

Mezzy gives us the "Good Mousekeeping Seal of Approval"

Clovis contemplates his next meal

Bella looks out wistfully for someone to pet her
"pleeeeease I want all the pets!"

Elusive Lily

Q-Tip enjoys the view from her cozy spot

Pink prowlin for some lovin

Welcome back little ladies Yuki & Hana!



 Tinkerbell has captured our hearts!

Showing off those fab curls!

Gertrude makes a great assistant

Freckle-eyed Phil

Bella looooovvvves attention!

Pink has such a mezmerizing gaze 
Blueberry all camped out

Roscoe takes a BIG drink

Stretches for Captain Janeway

Did you have some leftover breakfast, Kashi?

We will miss Simon when he goes home today! 
Ollie is always ready for some love

Cecil & Skipper are really warming the place up!
Data & Korra are enjoying the chill vibes at AMK 

Poppy is feeling a little camera shy today

Always can depend on Oyster
Ollie sits by the radio so he can choose the cattery tunes

Lamar greeted me with face licks this morning 
What do you see Archer?

Basso is such a supermodel cat

Kitty Kitty Kitty, can't you see?
Sometimes your meows just hypnotize me

Coug as cool as a cucumber

Lopo loves to call to me from the catio as I pull up for work in the morning

Frank is more the strong silent type

Mizz Mezzy!

Padstow is feeling so good after a visit from his family

Janeway is ready for lift off!

Tana says "Ta-ta for now!"

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