Friday, September 14, 2018

September 14th

Last call on kitty summer vacations!

Data and Korra!


Hana just got groomed!

Yes, that came out of you!

Ravello is a friendly one!


You're going home today, Millie!



Beep is a charmer.  

Korra is out and about.

Sweetest Candy.

Candy loves the outdoors.  

Padstow watches the world go by from the catio.  

Cougar cakes!

What a good boy-ster, that Oyster!

Korra is so pretty!

Here comes George!

Intrepid Skipper.

Cecil enjoys the comforts of his condo and special blanket from home.  

Jean Grey couldn't be sweeter.


Coco is a cutie!

Mystical Seal.  

Josie is starting to warm up to his new surroundings.  


Welcome, Emmy!


Blueberry is the best!  

Blizzard is a real comedian.  

Fantastic Messy.  

Confident Pink.  

Welcome back, Ollie!  

Jade just arrived for another visit.  

Lily is a top secret undercover kitty!

Thanks for checking out all the cool kitties!

Your blog host,


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