Saturday, September 22, 2018

September 22nd

Welcome to... Devon's BIG YAWN corner




A standing yawn from Ollie!

and a sitting yawn!

I know this photo is blurry but Maggie's flop was too cute to exclude

Such a sweet girl!

Handsome George

Look at those bunny feet

Baz hanging out on the cat tree 

Get ready for a lot of photos of sleepy Skipper

little beans!

that stretch!!

What a love!

Felix is such a nice cat

Kittles rolls around in his condo

Leo wants to know why I'm interrupting his nap 

Leo decides to ignore me and go back to napping 

Rita found a shelf to tuck herself into

Look at those big green eyes!

Koa is napping 

Sweet Scout on the catio 

Padstow likes the highest shelves in the catio


Frankie lounges 

Zoe in her sweet little coat 

Playful Washi

Sleepy Washi

Ollie has been camped out on this chair all day

Licking his lips... Ollie must be wondering if it's dinner time yet 

Cyan has the same question

Don't let her glare fool you, she's the sweetest cat 

Clovis is camped out on top of a condo

Nazale wants to help write the blog

So does Ravello

Minka is cozy

Ravello playing with my shoe laces 

and contemplating attacking my headphones instead

This is Lily's spot 

Stanley explores the catio!

Quorra likes her condo

Rigby on the stairs 

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