Sunday, June 16, 2019

June 16th

Sunny Sunday!!!

Kitzel is so photogenic!

Pita: it's all Greek to me!

Private Eyes, are watching you... -Hyra

Basso is so distinguished.

Brutus just hanging out. 

Candy enjoying the view of Lake Washington.

Stanley sitting pretty!

Frankie flashing her gorgeous green eyes!

Sleepy Sophia!

 Jiji and his little Jiji are just too cute. 

Mika is featured on this week's House Hunters.

Glover is so sweet.

Koa getting comfy.

We think Kodiak lives up to his namesake with
 his cute brown nose!

Amazing Agatha. 

"Baby I can see your halo..." -Loki

"Roses are all the rage this year!" -Scout

Lovely Rita.

Lucki out on the catwalk.

Marta striking a pose. 

Mysterious Minna.

Phobe strettttching it out. 

We welcome newcomer, Toby!

Good morning, Scout!

Poncho getting some sun :)

Rocky in the premiere Sunday morning spot. 

Sandals and Sunday vibes. 

Smile for the camera, Simon! 

TomTom getting a view of the neighborhood!

Seeing double with Coco and Seal. 

Zelda getting her catnap in. 

Juno, being a ham for the camera.

And last but not least, Zip!!!


We hope today's blog post helped you fight the Sunday Scaries! Until next time...

Maddie, Angela, and the All My Kitties Team

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