Tuesday, June 25, 2019

June 25th

The Catio is Hoppin!
at All My Kitties
Frankie loves to explore the empty condos

Fifi finds a cozy spot by the window

Minna and her special mermaid blankie

Frankie wonders which kitty is up there

Jack-Jack is so precious

Two peas in a pod!
Toulouse and Barritz!
Toulouse loves to siesta

Love from Above from Barritz!

Clovis being a good boy

Frank in the shadows

Pretty Frankie poses for me

Luke just woke up from a sun nap

Cozy Maggie

Gotta show off that gorgeous coat

Mika felt cuddly today

I found a lucky Penny!

Rita is a girl about town

Scout waves hello with a back foot

Scouting for birds!

Teddy has a great perm

Scout #2 makes a purrrfect cat bun

Scout #2 tells me all about what he sees out there!

Jack-Jack on the move!

Clovis let me pet him today!

Mika in a mood?

Rita is the cutest lil bunny

Hey Buddy!

Roo loves to spy on me from up high

Shadow is the nicest guy!

Sweetest little Sadie

Kodiak is sacked out

Blueberry is starting to enjoy brushy time

Ziggy is the strong and silent type 

Marci is just so captivating 
Toby and Simon get along marvelously

Blueberry has lots to tell me about!

Stanley & Shadow on the prowl for some pets!

Ravello is the first to ambush me for snuggles

Sweet boy!

Stanley patiently waiting his turn

Rocky has a joke for you:
"What do cats like to eat on a hot day?"
"A mice-cream cone!!"

Candy is stoked the sun is back

Charles says "that means I can go now right?"

More snuggles for Ravello
Lopo needs the love too

And he gets it!

Simon is a handsome gentleman

Kodiak is illuminous! 
Roo prepares to jump!
Pancho love

Candy is ready to lounge

And shows off her tum-tum!

Charles say hi to mom!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Charles)

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