Tuesday, June 4, 2019

June 4th

So Many Beautiful Kitties!

Look who I found playing this morning!

Mojo and Mac were wrassling and grooming each other!

Tiger has a fabulous orange tuxedo 
Meet my new assistant, Chloe!

Bitty Kitty what are you doing in the sink?!

Scout's about! 
Oyster is a little soot sprite

Panqueque was having a good time with Mac and the box

Tiger is a sunshine boy

Delightful Delilah

Mr. Cat is a copy-cat

Our little gelfling, Joey

Handsome boy Rex
Sorry to wake you Phoebe!

"I'm up now, is it time for snuggles?"(yes of course it is!) 

Joey joins all the young kitties in the catio!

Newton does a mlem 
Mojo is just so regal!

Are those muffins you're making for me??
Aww you shouldn't have

Panqueque has the best camouflage

Dumpling is a roly-poly guy!

Sweet as pie

Mac looks like a pretty python up there

"I woke up like this"

Guaro comes out to head-boop me

Sebastion loves the new condos!

Dumpling tests out the new cat tree

Greyson the Greeter

This box is Cat-Daddy, and Octane, approved!

Pretty Bitty Octane Kitty

Scout found the box!

Cleo poses for her senior portrait

Such a lovely lady

Look at the eyeliner on Rex!

Nina loves a big bowl of fresh cold water

Hugs for Joey!

Thanks for tuning in! Sorry if we missed anyone!

Your Blog Host(s),
Angela (& Joey)

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