Thursday, June 6, 2019

June 6th

Bitty Kitty enjoying the garden.  


Serine Chleo.

Lounging Dumpling.

Pretty Boy Greyson.

Guaro loves his blanket and he's so cuddly!  

Hobbes is large and in charge.  

Dearest Kitzel.  

Sibling duo Luna and Purr-C just arrived for another visit.  

Everyone loves Mac!  

Mojo being his sweet self.  

Mr. Cat can't get enough of his window shelf.  

Cleo picked herself out a condo at the top of the stairs and is super satisfied with her decision.  

Nina Simon preforming tonight.  

The world is Oyster's oyster!  

Adorable Panquque.

Fantastic Phil Collins!

Lovely Lydia.

Fin just arrived moments ago and he's ready to explore.  

Panquque is all over the place.  

Rex has really warmed up to the place.

Scout rules the roost around here!

Newton spends his afternoons in the catio.

Sebastian is a very proper cat.

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,

Maddie and Allison

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