Sunday, June 2, 2019

June 2nd

Our Kitties are Ripe
And Ready for Picking!

Joey looks like a toy kitten!
He's melting!

Nyx looks like I spilled some ink!

Henry is pleased with the new cat solarium

Frankie barely woke up to let me snap a pic

Little Olive loves laps
She's always got a lot to tell me!

Napping baby

Nyx likes to nap in adorable positions

Hello Jyn!

Cutest Clovis


Henry likes the quiet of the office

Phoebe was only slightly offended by the growl next to her

Jyn mlem

Mr Cat how could you be sleepy already?

Fifa baby! 
Bitty Kitty on top of the world!

Full of action! 

Greyson sighs, "oh kids!"

Oyster is still warming the place up

Chloe in her princess tent

Who's under this bed?

Its Guaro!

Mojo is always happy to see me

Newton is that you? 

It is!
Here comes Hobbes!
Looking regal as usual 

Panqueque has been chasing her buddy, Mac, all day!

Tiger are you gonna come out of there?

Just a paw? Okay I'll take it

Pretty Panqueque
Muy bonita!

Mac is a silly boy 
But so lovely!

Speaking of lovely! 
Scout graced me with some more lap time today

Before lounging in the sun

Sorry about that flash, Cleo! 

Lydia looks as though she is borrowing someone else's legs!

What a precious face 
And so is yours, Cleo!

Greyson is a lover

Hazel is having a chill day

Phoebe imitates Joey

Olive's glamour shot

Fifa likes a cool, empty basket

Dumpling loves love! 
And belly rubs...

And all the pets he can get!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host

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