Friday, June 21, 2019

June 21

Happy Summer Solstice!

With the longest day of the year upon us, the kitties are enjoying the extra daylight hours on our fabulous catio!

The gang's all here!

Agatha is a computer kind of cat.

Biarritz and Toulouse look so cozy :)

Blueberry nesting up. 

Candy and Poncho enjoying the catio.

Charlie loves the cat cabins!

Our favorite siblings Coco and Seal. 

Welcoming Frank!

Frankie is loving the office views. 

Say hello to Hana and Yuki.

Little Jack Jack is a great addition to the office :)

Jiji is just too cute!

Juno is just so photogenic.

Koa saying "hello"!

Kodiak is such a ham :)

Loki having a golden hour photo shoot. 

Welcome back Lopo!

Stanley and Lucki are loving the views of the garden.

Lucki looking luxurious. 

Scout loves the office window boxes.

Welcome back Mac and Octane :)

Mika is Queen of Pride Rock. 

Mighty Milo.

Minna saying "meow" :)

Teeny Phoebe!

Puss in Boots: Too Cool for School

Rita lounging about :)

Rocky Rockstar serenading us.

Roo and Glover! 

Rovello is such a character!

Welcoming newcomer, Sadie!

Sandals: lavender looks good on you.

Scout doing what she does best - scout!

Snoozing Simon.

Stanley is our constant companion.

Teddy looking so comfy.

Toby: pretty as a picture!

Roo helping with filing :)

Ziggy giving us "Blue Steel". 

Zip taking a stretch!


We hope you are enjoying the longest day of the year!

Maddie, Allison and the All My Kitties Team

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