Wednesday, August 14, 2019

August 14th

Kitties in Summer Paradise!  

Fabulous Fresca!

Inquisitive Cheeto.

Easy-going Roo.

Fin lives for being petted!

Dependable Simon.

Bunny loves hanging out in the catio THIS much!

Howdy, Fresca!

Lovely Fin.

Jaime sure is a sweetie. 

Fresca, the conjuring cat!

She wants you to think that she's only hunting for mice...



Lazlo is warming up to his new surroundings.

Cutest Quorra.

Pepper is deep in thought.

Jaime on the move.

Exotic Lazlo.

We've discovered your super secret spot, Cersei!

Ella is a delight!


Zelda strikes a pose.

Darling Cyan.

Friendly Mona.

Marci is diggin this new window shelf.

What a doll!

Inigmatic Little Lion.

Hello, Mona!

Lillie's luxurious bungalo.  

Fantastic Froggie.

Maggie, pudding!

Joe is such a nice guy!


Jinx just arrived and is looking festive.

Quorra does her rounds in the catio.

Delectable Daisy.


Bunny loves the outdoors!

My fabvorite Cheeto-ling.

Coraline is a love!



Sleepy Lillie.

Triumphant Little Lion.

Maggie is as cute as can be.


Explorative Zelda.

Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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