Monday, August 26, 2019

August 26

Today is gonna be a good day. πŸŒ²

The kitties are taking advantage of the GORGEOUS weather, and the
 catio is a popular place today!

Raffy is having a great time!!!

"G'day mate!" -Aussie

Beep giving us the signature "beep" meow. 

Boo Boo is camping out today. 😽

Dommy just chillin'. 

A nose lick by Dommy occured mere seconds
after this was taken. 😹

Dusty is helping us with the laundry!

Gorgeous Gertrude. 

Henry loves to explore all the nooks and crannies. 

Jessica in motion! 

Joyful Juno - always such a cheerful girl. 

Johnny Walker took her breakfast inside today. πŸ’

Kona looks downright magical in his Kitty Kasa!

Leo has such a great personality! 

Majestic Marta out on the catio. 

Millie and Jessica catching some zzzzz's. 

Princess Millie on her throne. 

Noodles nesting in the catio. 

Nyx is living her best life. 

"Good morning!" -Olive

Pan catching some rays in the catio. 

Phil Collins serenading us in a rare private concert!

Quorra, just lounging around. 

Rainy is on patrol! 

We've taught Ringo how to run cards now. 😹

Ron looking distinguished in his favorite spot. 

"Happiest girls are the prettiest girls." -Saba πŸ’“

Simon has the cutest bedhead around. 🐱

"Just hangin' around...." -Wayne

Garth and Wayne are best friends forever. 

Winston is Prince of the Solarium.


Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous sunshine!

-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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