Tuesday, August 20, 2019

August 20th

So Many Purring Faces!

Winston has arrived!

He is still looking for a forever home!

Check out his personal blog post from this weekend and email us if you are interested in adopting.

Cersei works that scratching pole

And back outside for adventures

We've gotten so used to having Coraline around, we will be so sad when she goes home!

She has the most adorable purrsonality

Cyan loves to nap near the window

Dommy can't get enough love

Froggie is such a silly boy 
Garth looks so cozy in there

Goose mlem

Goose has the opposite of RBF, she has Resting SMILE Face!

Lily tries to coax Quorra out with playtime

Dommy always at home at AMK

Hey up there Jasper!
He came down for some petting

Jaime is all action
Junebug has such precious paws

Lilly waves hello!

Preparing to leap!

The Magnificent Miss Maggie!

Marta blep

Marta mew

Pan knows how to chill 
Quorra looks like she's in kitty jail!

Ringo the supermodel!

It might be hard to contend with our other model cat, Roger

Welcome back little Ron

Whose floofy feetsies are these?!

The one and only Simon!

Tibeau has the perfect beauty mark

Tula loves a cozy basket 
Wistful Wayne

Yaawwwn and streeeetch

Winston arrived all snuggled up with his special things

Garth give the best hugs!

Thanks for tuning in!

Your Blog Host,
Angela (& Garth)

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