Sunday, August 4, 2019

August 4

Summer Lovin'!

The cats are of course loving the catio with the beautiful weather we have been having!

Lady P is a lovely and photogenic lady!

Arlo clearly gets his beauty sleep. 

Arya is perky and ready for the day. 

Something interesting has caught Caesar's attention.

Chaussette: "Look deep into my eyes..."

Chloe getting a little nap in. 

Coraline is so regal. 👑

Say hello to Corbyn!

Duncan in peaceful slumber. 

Esme catching some rays. 

Fresca is our little hunter and regularly catches bugs!

Froggie being silly!

The cover of Hobbes' autobiography.  😹

Holly looks so cozy. 

Welcome Jasper and Jackson!

Hello to Jessica! 

L.E.'s perfect fluffy tail. 💖

Lillie putting her best paw forward.

Lily is stretching it out. 

Maggie perfectly matches her blankie. 

Marci giving her opinions about Seafair!

Mezzy is loving the catio. 

Millie has found her new favorite spot. 

Handsome O'Malley!

Pepper living large on the catio. 

Petunia was making some copies this morning!

Phoebe is an expert basket weaver 😂

Roo is friends with everybody. 

Sadie loves her shelves 😻

Shy Soairse loves the cat bubbles!

Simon in his favorite basket. 

Lady P and Tibeau! 

Zelda has the cutest little face. 

Zoe getting her nails done.


Happy Sunday!

-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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