Sunday, August 18, 2019

August 18th

Fight the Sunday Scaries with...
amazing and amusing cat photos!

Dommy is a happy boy!

Cersei has perfected her mood lighting. 

Cheeto saying "hello"!

Coraline, deep in thought. 

 Cyan is loving the newly installed shelf. 

Duncan is channeling the Dos Equis guy vibe. 😸

Froggie is all about the love. 

Gorgeous Goose! 

Gracie is always giving us the morning report. 

Jaime looking very regal. 

Jasper is loving the catio. 

The two sides of Jinx's personality - playful and "too cool for school". 😆 

Junebug is such a fun gal! 

Lillie is such a sweetheart.

Lily - strike a pose! 

"The Maggie Print" goes with everything.

Marci and everyone else are loving the additional cat solarium! 

A big welcome to Marta! 

Mezzy in her absolute favorite spot. 

Minka is enjoying her "spa day" at All My Kitties! 

Mysterious Mira looks very distinguished. 

Quorra in the house!!!

Ringo and Gracie, just chillin'. 

Handsome Ringo in the beautiful garden. 

Say hello to the beautiful Roger! 

Simon is ready for his morning pets! 

Tibeau loves bird watching. 

Tyson is shy, but sweet. 💖


We hope you have a lovely
rest of your weekend!

-Maddie, Angela and the All My Kitties Team

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