Wednesday, August 28, 2019

August 28th

The smallest cat in the world, the rusty spotted cat from Sri Lanka, makes our kitty guests all look huge by comparison... or maybe they just have MORE TO LOVE!


Millie is such a lounge act. 

A view of Charles' cabin from above.

Wayne is one cool cat.

Angelic Garth.

Nyx gravitates towards the highest spot in the room.

Dependable Aussie.  

Charismatic Wayne.

Winston enjoys a bit of shade on this sunny day.

Kona is a cutie!

Pancho flattens out in the warm weather.  

Gertrude likes hanging out in her condo.

Raffy, baby!

Johnny Walker just got worken up from a beauty nap.


Ron is a sweetie through and through.  

Rainy is in charge around here!

Boo-Boo bear!

Phil is quite proud of his condo and wants to show it off.

Oodles of Noodles!

He loves to flop!

Leo has to be the prettiest kitten in the world at this moment.

Explorative Beep.

That's quite the paw you have there, Millie.

Beep is all over the place.

Leo on the prowl.


Gayle is starting to warm up to her new surroundings!

Howard is cozy tucked away in his basket.

Sumptuous Simon.

Darling Cleo.

Jake is a good boy!

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