Tuesday, November 12, 2019

November 12th

Luna is happy to see us!  

Can you spare some fluff, Ditto? 


This is Noodle's cabin!  

He owns it on a time share basis.  

Remi has a dignified look about him.  

Such an upright cat citizen.

Luna loves the catio.  

Brody keeps his nose warm with his tail.

Toby Toes is a determined scratcher.  

He's really come out of his shell.  

What a good flopper!  

Monkey on the move. 

Venus wants to say hi!  

Muffin sure is a cutie.

Inquisitive Remi.

Pepper Pie!

Ollie smiles when you pet him!

Ditto stretches out for a greeting.

A triumphant pose.

Tubbs is a nice guy!

You're going home today, Dexter!

Muffin is happy to rub her cheek on her condo door.

Ollie is always so polite.

Have a great day!

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