Thursday, November 14, 2019

November 14th

Amazing Monkey!

Look into Oliver's soulful gaze.  

Venus is queen of her condo.

Tubbs really likes his basket (he comes out too!)

How'd ya get to be so sweet, Ditto!

Remi takes himself seriously.  

Newsomer Lila is down for a little "carrier camping."

Chloe breaks a sweet running around the catio.

How'sit going up there, Monkey?

Chloe is SO GOOD at scratching the scratching post!

Toby Toes is a joy.


Darling Noodles.

Chloe is everywhere!

Majestic Toby Toes.

Catch Chloe in a blur.

Remi is very high-brow.  

Brody right at home in the bookshelf.  

Luna is full of meows!

Have a great day!

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1 comment:

  1. Allison, this is the sweetest thing! Love seeing Chloe with (hopefully) some of her new friends.

    -Nikki, Chloe's sister