Thursday, November 7, 2019

November 7th

Presenting Mr. Remington Steele!

Oh, that Lucki a curious cat!

Mavis is ready for visitors in her condo.  

Toby Toes has perfectly manicured toesies!  

Pepper and Dexter are duel images of eachother.  

Pepper so pretty!  

Fabulously furry Ditto.  

Sweetest Tubbs.  

Muffin is a brave girl exploring the room. 

Arya looking self satisfied.  

All hail Ditto, king of cats. 

Remi flops for attention.  

Mavis watches the clouds roll by.  

Cougar always looks so cozy in his cabin.

Lucky on the move. 

Lucky says, "Look at me!"

Jinx is a victorian gentleman in black and white.  

Remi shows off his big-boy paws.  

What a nice guy!


Muchas smooches for Aguardiente.  


You're all over the place!

Panquque is always up to something fun.

Arya says, "Hello down there!"

Tana acts tough but she LOVES recieving affection.  

Always good to see you, Kashi!

Newcomer Autumn is beginning to warm up to her new surroundings.  

You're the apple of my eye, Lucki!

Muffin's owner told us she is a lap cat and that couldn't be more true.  

Have a great day!

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