Saturday, November 16, 2019

November 16th

Kitties are making the best of the fall weather!

Chloe soaking up the sun.

Brody in his basket.

Great to see you again, Ollie!

 Pretty Luna.


On the prowl.

Amiable Monkey. 

Ditto cocks his head like a curious puppy. 

Tubbs is a gentle giant.

We love your assymetrical mustash, Ollie!

Garthy baby!

Venus on the lookout for a greeting.  

Wayne, creature of darkness.

Come out of the shadows!

And frolic in the light!

Ollie and Garth just hanging out.

Electrifying Hobbes.

Ollie is a proper kind of cat.

 Lila is a delight!

Kitten close-ups for Tocatta, the under-the-blanket napper.  

Toby Toes is aptly named...

for his talent for showing off his toes!


Multi-colored Mavis.

Thanks for looking!

Your blog host,


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