Thursday, November 28, 2019

November 28th

Kitties gather together as a big cat family to celebrate Thanksgiving!


Charlie keeping and eye out for his buddy, Kemba (inside basket)

Mystical Miss Cleo.  

Lila is on a field trip to the office to help publish the blog. 

Splendid Saoirse.

L.E. is one cool cat.

Yuki with the bright green eyes.


Angelic Hana.  

Jubilee appreciating the fact that heat rises.  

Mona is interested in everything we do!  

Monumental Leo. 

Curious Cleo.


Mona flops for attention.  

Nyx loves being talked to!   

Atta-boy, Appollo!  

Juno mid yawn. 

Leo looking out from the cat attrium.  

Cleo is rocking the black and white.  

Jayme is a love muffin.  

Orca is SOOOOO sweet!  

Octane is a picture of luxuriousness.  

Jinx has the pinkest toes in town.  

Awe-inspiring Mango.  

Chatterbox Maggie.

I swear you were in the same pose in the last blog, Bear!  

Great to see you again, Maxwell! 

Beautiful B-Boy.  

Millie coundn't be more cozy on her heated pad.  

You scratch that post, Mac!  

B-Boy on the move again.  

Riga makes lots of eye contact.  


Riga, the photogenic one.  

Cersei is so friendly!  

Sensational CC.  

Autumn says that she remebers this condo from the last time she was here.  

Simon says this is HIS basket thankyouverymuch!  

You're the man, Stan!

Roo has those big doe eyes.  


Esme has a warm coat for cold weather.  


What a good-lookin' cat!  

You just love your basket, don't you, Peanut Butter!  

Aussie making her rounds around the room.  

Dolly is a delight. 

If you hear purring, it's probably Mona!

Happy Thanksgiving!

All My Kitties

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