Friday, November 22, 2019

November 22nd

Luminescent Lila!

Sleepy mouse Milly.

Raleigh, honey!


Thank you for the kissy faces, Frankie.

It was nice to have you with us, but you're going home, Goose!

Olive looking content with herself.  

Hugs for Fifa!

Testing out the window box.  

Ubele likes it up high where it is cozy warm.  

Salacious Simba.  

Pretty boy, Tux.  

Black and white suits you, Cleo.  

What do you see out there, Fifa?

Alluring Jaime.  

Cersie popping out to say hello.   

Handsome Geno.  

Bella and Geno are never far apart.  

Jaime wants in on their friendship.  

Cleo blending in with the decorum.  

Too much fun for Autumn.

Ollie, always the gentleman.  

Mango eagerly eyes a dangling toy.


You were made for the catio!

Autumn likes to follow the camera around.  

She would take selfies herself if she could.  

Stupendous CC. 


Jaime lights up the room.  

B-Boy has really been enjoying the cool weather in the catio.  

He's really got the hang of the place and is doing great on his first visit. 

Kodiak is proud to be a cat. 

Brody made his way to the bookshelf .

Penny found a warm spot on top of the computer router.  

NOW for the kitties who arrived this morning and are giving us that look that says "I just got dropped off moments ago!"



Peanut Butter!


Have a great day!

Your blog host,


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