Sunday, July 11, 2021

July 11th, 2021

 July 11th, 2021        

Happy Sunday! It's a lovely, peaceful day here at AMK. Purrfect for laying in the sun and taking a good nap! All of our kitties seem very relaxed and are soaking up those lazy day vibes.

When Aapo isn't in my lap or arms, he's roaming around the office or hanging out in the window seat! I'm sure I've said it before, but seriously... This boy is SO cuddly.

Almond is always happy to see me! He rolled around for me a bit, and didn't seem to mind too much when I interrupted nap time.

Once again, my girl Braveheart is strutting her stuff around the catio! This tiny supermodel is a cuddle bug just like Aapo. We have a superb group this week.

Brutus and Hyra just joined us this morning, and they are eager to start exploring the cattery. 

Sweet baby Buster is very shy, but oh so sweet. He is getting braver every day and finds new cozy places to snuggle up!


Cuddly gals Charlie and Percy have been taking turns in their den and on their little shelves in their condo. 

Cheeto was apprehensive when he first arrived, but now he's made himself at home and loves the cat cabins out on the catio!

This is Delilah yelling at me to stop singing "Hey There, Delilah" every time I come over to her condo. She spends most of her day curled up in her own space, but occasionally hops out to make a lap around the office!

Kiki was very shy when she first joined us, but now that she knows how things go around here, she has warmed up considerably! She's really enjoying the top of this particular condo, but the scratching posts are pretty great, too. 

Brothers King and Tut are keeping it cozy themselves, hiding on a shelf inside the cattery. It's nap time city!

Kingston has spent almost the entire day in or near the window veranda. He discovered it is the purrfect place to catch a breeze and watch the world. 

Silly Kiva is pretty quick and bouncy, and she loves hanging out with people. She isn't too confident yet, but she's building more and more courage as she comes down the steps to venture out onto the catio!

I would almost be willing to bet that Loki hasn't left this spot on the catio the entire time he's been here... He LOVES it outside!

Our second Loki is curled up in his den, and gave me a big old stretch/wave when I came by!

Michie is so funny! He has so much personality. He LOVED hanging out in our office closet, tucked under a shelf, but now he's changing gears - the TOP of the condos is where it's at, now!

Missy and Sarge have been exceptionally cute today! Missy loves any and all attention. Sarge doesn't care so much for company, but he'll still let you come say hello.

Sweet baby Nathaniel is shy, but getting rather comfy in his condo! He loves his blanket, and stays curled up for most of the day there. 

Oreo has also found "her" spot. The baskets on the catio make for great naps!

I promise you, Primrose DOES leave her condo, but this kitty just adores her den. I always catch her during nap time, and she seems so comfy!

Rizzo is a helpful baby, always coming to greet customers as they come pick up or drop off kitties. She also has incredible form on the scratching posts. Look at that pose!

Rocky Rockstar is looking large and in charge today! This handsome guy has a ton of personality. 

Sweet Simba also loves the cat cabins on the catio! He was nestled in very well when I came to visit. 

Tiger is showing off his incredible talent of being both very large and also very small! He's a real cutie that has warmed up a lot since first arriving. 

That's all for today! We hope everyone had a great weekend, and we're looking forward to a delightful week ahead. See you soon!


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