Thursday, July 15, 2021

June 15th 2021

 June 15th 

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

 It is a colder cloudy day but our cuties are always up for a snuggle!

Aapo is quite the small climber! When he is not climbing, he is all about the cuddles!

Almond is our resident king of the Catio! And what a polite king he is: )

Apollo and Tiger made friends today! They played for most of the morning! This afternoon, however, they are only interested in napping!

Brutus is such a sweet dude! It was hard to get a picture of him because as soon as you looked at him, he was getting ready for scratches :)

Charlie is the ultimate napper! And she is always sleeping in the craziest positions!

Cheeto was being very cheeky today! He is not a fan of the vacuum but loves going after the towels!

Chloe decided today was a day to relax and treat yourself! She is always ready to be treated to more snuggles : )

Delilah looks very put out! She spent all morning trying to find the perfect place for a nap and she did not want to be disturbed! 

Figaro and Leo are some returned friends! They are settling in well! 

Harvey was did some major exploring today! It was difficult to get a photo of him as he has been on the move all morning : )

Hyra loves anywhere up  high! And she is not interested in my interference with her plans! 

Kingston is in love with the windows! He is always watching the birds and other goings on in the garden! He is a great little lookout : )

Kiva was being extremely playful today! She has really come out of her shell and loves playing more than snuggling! 

Loki loves the cat cabins! I am surprised that we did not get a picture with them! Wherever I do not see Loki straight off the bat I know that he is in a cat cabin: )

Loki S. (not to confused with other Loki!) loves the upstairs condos! He explores the catio every morning but by the afternoon he is ready to nap in his condo! 

Missy is such a sweetie!
 She is very vocal about what she wants and most of the time it is to play: )

Nala is a new friend and she is settling in well! 
She loved exploring the window seats and long naps!

Nathaniel is such a chill dude! He does not have a lot of interest making friends unless the want to be mellow with him! He has no need for the younger ones : )

Percy loves to nap almost as much as Charlie! They often compete! Unlike Charlie, Percy loves to explore in the morning and evening when the other cats are occupied with eating! 

Pudge is in search of his favorite place! He is trying all the different places to nap! We will keep you updated when he finds the place he loves best : )

Sarge is an old hand at this! He knows where he likes to be and he does not want anyone's opinion on the matter! 

Simba has become a great fan of the catio! First thing he does every morning is to check to see that everything is in order! What a great guard cat : )

Cat Fun Fact of the day! Cat's collar bones do not connect to any other bones! This allows them to squeeze through very small spaces. As all as their heads can fit through, they are good to go! 

Hope you all have a great end of the work week! 

We will see you on Saturday! 

- AMK 

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