Thursday, July 1, 2021

July 1st, 2021

 July 1st, 2021

It's almost the 4th of July! ❇ We've got LOTS of kitties staying with us this weekend. Some kitties started their 4th of July vacation early and are already hanging out with us! Let's see what they're up to...

Almond is enjoying a lovely little excursion on the catio. A nice cool breeze makes for great napping weather!

Bertie has become an adventure cat today! Exploring on top of the condos seems to be the most interesting. 

Sweet baby Blee wants to listen to some tunes! He's been goofing off all morning with his friends. He hasn't met a stranger yet. 

Beautiful, radiant Braveheart strut her stuff down the cat walk this morning! She's been a superstar.

Chef spent a few days supervising from above (see photo 1) but came down to hang out with the rest of the gang today.

Dizzy is getting super comfortable and brave around the cattery! He knows his favorite spots (always a kitty cabin on the catio) but is also down to explore and meet new friends!

Some kitties are hard to photograph - Drake is one of them! But only because he wants pets, not a photoshoot. Sweet boy!

Jewel was an absolute model for us today! She must be a professional... Look at the pose!

Big boy Kodiak loves lounging around the cattery, anywhere he can sprawl out!

Sweet Maks has made himself very comfortable on top of his den. Perfect little bed to tuck into! 

Millie's a supervising type, she likes to keep an eye on what everyone else is doing.... Until it's nap time!

Goofy Pan loves his den, AND he's totally adorable. What more could you ask for?

Pancakes, one of our resident social butterflies, looks pretty pensive in this photo. Just staring out the window at the other kitties on the catio!

Chunky boy Pepper is always so handsome. He LOVES the catio, and each day finds a new spot to claim. 

A cloudy day is a perfect excuse to stay in and cuddle, which is exactly what's on the docket for Rani and Thinley!

Fan favorite Rocky Rockstar has been lounging on a nice catio shelf this morning. 

Tiger is starting to adjust to AMK life! He's totally made himself at home in his den, and he's been SO cute. 

Maxwell joined the party last night! Louis is happy to greet him and make him feel welcome. 

Primrose totally adores her condo. I mean, look how comfy she is in that den! What a sweetheart. 

That's all for today! We'll catch you on Saturday with even more pictures of even more kitties. We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

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