Saturday, July 3, 2021

July 3, 2021

 July 3rd 

As we will not be having a post tomorrow! 

We just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July!! 

Sadly, I could not get any of our furry friends to dress up!


Aapo is a new furry friend! He is settling in well and is content to explore his own condo first! 

Almond is so polite! He always waits his turn for food and never demands anything! He just waits patiently until you give him the attention he deserves : )

Bertie is the friendliest! He loves exploring other condos and making new friends! We will miss him as he heads home today!


Blee is our youngest at the moment and he knows it! He is spoiled rotten! 
What a cute baby  : )

Braveheart is such a sweetheart! She knows she is a princess! Competing with Blee on the most spoiled! 

Charlie and Percy are new friends! They are settling in well and are interested in exploring the office!

Chef  is the king of the office! He is always supervising and monitoring everyone's activities : )

Dizzy has to have the proper encouragement before he comes out of his condo for the day! He likes a invitation! What a polite man!

Drake is a very big dude and he lets you know what he wants! He loves exploring and finding the highest point: )

Ed is settling in well! This morning, he was off like a rocket exploring the office! 

Ella is settling in well! She is not interested in being friends but she is slowly warming up!

Harley & Jojo are out exploring today! I haven't been able to get many great photos as they have always been on the move : )

Jewel is a very serene cat! She is always calming what everything that goes down! We will see her as she heads home today! 

Jinx has returned! He already knows all of this favorite spots and makes sure to get them before anyone else : )

Kodiak is being a big ham this morning! He says, "love me! I'm beautful!"

Louis decided that he would happy me clean this morning. His method had a lot to be desired : )

Maks took the morning to relax! He is never in a hurry and always mellow!

Maya is a shy girl but very vocal! She likes to chat whenever she is out of her condo : )


Maxwell spent yesterday running wild around the catio! This morning, he decided to have a lay in : )

Michie is settling in well with the office crew! He is always trying to get into the closet! Here he is laying in wait for the next person who needs to get something!

Millie loves the catio! She is only interested in coming inside for food : )

Oreo is a new friend! She took the morning to explore every nook and crevice!

Pan spent all of yesterday exploring all the shelves inside! After all this work, he decided a rest day was in order : )

Pancakes is being his usually chatty self! He always has something to talk about!

Pepper was a little spicy when he first arrive, but he is a big teddy bear! Always ready for a cuddle : )

Primrose was out exploring this morning! She hasn't quite made out to the catio but she loves the stairs : )

Rizzo is such a sweetie! He will always tell you when it is time for scratches behind the ears or a good rub down!

Rocky is all tired out! He got the zooms first thing this morning and now he just wants to sleep! 

Stitch is back and he knows the program! Every morning, he off on his next great adventure! You never know when you will find him next : )

Tiger did a little of exploring this morning! He is very interested in everyone's condos!

  • Fun Cat Fact! A group of cats is called a “clowder!”

All the best during this holiday weekend! 

AMK Team 

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