Monday, July 19, 2021

July 19th, 2021

July 19th, 2021

Monday again! 
While we may have dozens of kitties, none of them carry the Garfield trait of hating Mondays... Everyone is having a pretty great day today! I'll have to take a poll to learn everyone's opinions on lasagna, though. 

Aapo has been goofing off to the max with his pals Kingston and Shibden. They've had a ball bouncing all over the office. 

Beautiful Brutus has been napping the day away all over this kitty tower! What a handsome man he is. 

Bucky has been keeping things cozy in his den for most of the day, but loves to come hang out on the stairs and say hello to everyone. He is a very friendly kitten. 

Miss Chloe just joined us earlier today, and seems to enjoy her den. Spacious, yet cozy... The ideal napping spot!

Fennel spent most of her day perched on this shelf in her condo. She liked keeping an eye on Nathaniel, who was keeping an eye on the birds outside. 

Figaro and Leo are having a great day, as well. Fig's been searching for the purrfect shelf to nap on. He's got to try them all out to know he's found the best.

Hyra's nap time was mega adorable today! This basket is her new best friend, and she flopped and flipped all over it until she had things just right. 

Kiva is our sweet, silly girl, who loves to chat and run around. She'll hold an entire conversation with you sometimes, and is also one of the quickest kitties I've seen shoot up our staircase!

Jubilee just yelled at me to let me know I almost forgot to put him on the blog - but here he is, the handsome man himself! He's been quietly napping all day. 

Both of our Loki's enjoyed the catio experience today! One napped on the shelves, while the other...

... Had a good flop and nap on the floor! That sunshine is just the perfect blanket for an afternoon nap.

Mr. Mack wasn't particularly interested in having me drop in, but he still let me take a few photos of his perfect loaf format. 

Maggie just joined us this morning as well, and wasn't quite ready to model for me! No worries, she can take a few days to warm up if she likes.

Missy and Sarge have had a sweet day today. Lots of cuddles and naps! Don't tell Sarge, he might get shy, but I heard him purring earlier when I was giving him some pets...

Sweet Monkey man keeping the catio cool and fun! It's always a joy to have Monkey around.

Miss Nala totally pulled out all the glitz and glam for her photoshoot earlier. Her eyes are so beautiful!

Nathaniel and I spent some quality time bird watching together this afternoon. He's a real sweet heart.

Peanut! I've missed her! She's always a little shy when she first gets in, but she warms up to be such a sweetie. I can't wait for our cuddles.

Penny is having a great day filled with all the comfy naps. Her eyes compliment her fur so well, what a beautiful gal.

Sweet siblings Rani and Thinley have been exactly like this all day. Cuddled together since breakfast! 

Shibden had a busy day playing with Aapo and Kingston. I think she's napping on top of the condos as I type this... Better type quietly.

I found Skylar hanging out in Loki's den earlier - the top of the stairs is the best place for him to hang around.

Last but certainly not least, we have sweet Tuckerman, all tuckered out from a busy day of being a very handsome man. He's remembering to stay hydrated in between nap sessions!

That's all for today! What a great Monday. We'll see you all again on Wednesday, and hope you've had a great start to your week! 



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