Monday, July 5, 2021

July 5th, 2021

 July 5th, 2021

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope your 4th of July was safe and fun. Today, half of the kitties have decided to be super models, and the other half won't sit still for more than a second! I swear, they know when I'm coming to take photos...

Aapo is such a gorgeous little kitty! Those big ears can hear anything coming from a mile away. He's been hanging out in his condo with a view for most of the day.

Almond brought his A - game with these adorable, goofy model shots. 

Braveheart brightens my day every time I see her! She's always down for a little cuddle session.

Chef's favorite spot is usually on top of the office condos, but he enjoyed a little sit in the window veranda today. 

Ed has gotten very adventurous! This sweetie went around saying hello to her fellow boarders today. 

Ella is too interested in being pet and saying hi to sit still and take a photo! She approves of my nail polish, too. 

Harley and Jojo love their condo - Harley likes to sprawl out on the top shelf, while Jojo gets nice and cozy in the den - but she also loves to roam around!

Confession time: I totally woke Jazz up from a nap. I tried to be quiet, but opening up the condo door gave me away... 

Jinx is one of our regulars, and you can totally tell he owns the place. He's a great kitty to have around!

Loki's stunning blue eyes are totally breathtaking. His favorite spot is on the catio, at all times!

Sweet Maya curled up for a little nap on the window veranda again this afternoon - definitely becoming one of her favorite spots!

Michie likes to find cozy, hidden places to nap - including a carrier I set on the floor for a few minutes!

Look at sweet Millie! She's totally one of our in-house models. 

Nando, another one of our regulars, typically loves the top of the condos - but that nice breeze from the window veranda is just too enticing!

Oreo welcomed me to "her" house today. She is obsessed with this spot!

Pan caught some much needed z's out on the catio today. A snuggly little guy!

Pancake loves a good flop around on the catio floor. It's a good day for some outdoor yoga! 

Sweet kitties Percy and Charlie are so quiet, you can hardly tell they're around! They've been keeping things snuggly and low-key today. 

This is exactly as much as Primrose was willing to participate in a photoshoot today. I interrupted nap time...

Cutie patootie Rizzo is an adventure cat, too. She loves exploring the catio. 

Rocky loves his little basket on the catio! A purrfect place to nap. 

Handsome Stitch is just too wiggly! He moves so fast, it's hard to take pictures of him. He's such a sweetie, though!

And last but not least, we have Tiger! Tiger's adventures today included testing out other dens, and the window veranda. Busy day!

We're all cat people here... and we just found out about this show on Netflix called Cat People! Check out the trailer for it here!

Maybe they could feature us next season... 😆😻😹

Have a lovely week, AMK friends! 

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