Wednesday, January 12, 2022

January 12th, 2022

 January 12th, 2022

Happy Hump Day, folks! I'll be honest - the day totally got away from me. With fewer cats around, I've been able to tackle a few bigger tasks I'd been meaning to get to, but then I accidentally got caught up and time just flew by! So, my apologies for the slightly delayed blog and maybe sub-par pictures... Things are a little blurrier than I'd like, but it's mostly because I can only hold my phone in front of these cuties for so long before I cave and just start loving on them. 😅💗

I moved Yolk to our downstairs cattery today, since he'll be with us for another month or so. He was cautious and curious, but he made a friend in Jessica! It was very cute seeing them share space. We've got a really friendly lot with us right now, so it's a great time for newbies to get acquainted.

Speaking of newbies, Vickie Sue and Rumpelteazer are enjoying their first stay with us! They definitely are more suspicious of this new environment, but they've let me give them plenty of love and attention. I even saw Vickie Sue exploring a little today! It was just for a second, and only right outside their condo, but it made me happy to see that they're getting more comfortable. 

Timmu spent most of his day out in the window seat. When he's in his condo, it's riiiight next to this window, so he likes too sit as close as possible and look outside. When I open up the condos after breakfast, that's his first stop. He really likes bird watching, and we've had some very pretty birdies hanging around recently!

Memo has been looking down on me from above, sitting just above my head on top of the desk in the office. It feels good to know I've got a coworker around to keep me company... Though I suspect she believes she is my supervisor. 

Lulu is one of the kitties I can hardly take a clear photo of. She's just so eager to be loved on, and I am eager to deliver! She and I always have a nice little chat after breakfast every morning, discussing the weather and our plans for the day. I'll miss her when she heads home!

Jules is back with us, and he is one of my favorite guests! He's got such a positive attitude. Always so friendly with us and the other kitties. I never have to worry about him getting into any kind of trouble, and I know that if I need a mid day cuddle, he's happy to oblige. 

Here's Jessica hanging out with her new BFF, Yolk! Their condos make them upstairs/downstairs neighbors, so it's good that they're getting along so swimmingly. Jessica always brings a bright and sunny presence to the cattery! She's very happy-go-lucky, and I love getting to love on her any time we pass each other.

Fennel and Shibden have returned! Shibden always has a look on her face like she's super suspicious of whatever is nearby. Don't let her fool you... We had some great cuddles this morning. Fennel was feeling more interested in their condo this morning, which was totally fine. They both get right in the swing of things when they get here, and totally have our routines down.

Cindy had a little exploration time in the office today! Taking a peek out windows left and right. She's a total chatterbox, so we had many a conversation today about any thought that crossed our minds.

Chef is such a funny little guy! He's not particularly interested in my pets or cuddles, but he does like to swat at my hair when I clean the condo beneath him. We have a very playful relationship, and I think he appreciates that I let him do his own thing.

That's it for today! We'll be back Friday with our gang of kitties galore. See you then!


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